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100g of natural dyed fabric. mixed colours, each pack is unique and varies from day to day. There will be green, blue and yellow as a core. other colours depend on the season and availabilty of colours and dyes.

Examples of dyes used are indigo, weld, eucalyptus, camomile, woad, Ivy, cutch, logwood, Brazil wood, walnuts, leaves from chestnut, oak and walnut, oak galls, bracken, elder, madder, avocados. Where possible I forage, but some dyes are purchased in powder of chip form.

each piece is a miniumum of 25cm x 25 cm usually larger. as the cottons are recycled pieces are of varying weight. usually this pack has 7/9 pieces.

natural dye mixed pack recycled cotton fabric 100g

SKU: 001
  • Cottons are used and some linen are all recycled. Weights vary. Sizes vary, but have minimum as in description. As these are naturally dyed some variations will occur and do not look like commercially dyed fabrics.

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