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general information on fabrics

Naturally dyed recycled plant based
I use recycled fabrics, mainly cottons, occasionally other natural fabrics.

Postal charges have increased again! It now costs me £1.55 for 50g and £2.30 for 100g, so I am changing to a lower pack price and showing the post charge. ( UK charges)

Please note bigger size of fabric for large pack. Now 25 x 25 cm minimum
Please ask if you want custom sizes

I use natural plant dyes such as madder, onion, sage, cutch, avocado, pomegranate, bracken, Ivy, elderberries, walnut, pinecones, oak 🍁 indigo, weld, woad, oak galls, cutch, logwood, Brazil wood

As they are naturally dyed the colours may vary in each piece and may not be uniform and will be mottled giving its natural look. This is important, if you are expecting completely uniform colours. Some customers have given bad star reviews as expecting fabric to be like a commercially dyed one….they are all hand dyed and unique .

The photos show the wide range of greens, blues, browns, yellows, pinks, and variegate effects.

These lovely naturally dyed pieces have so many uses for the embroider or crafter. They are great for making patches to mend clothes, use in quilt making, embroidery, patchwork, boro, sashiko or slow stitching.They can also be used in art journals and scrapbook work.
I have added 2 photos of examples of items you can make.

I dye most of the botanicals myself, and I use the baths until exhausted, giving a range of shades from dark to light.

I also use tie dye and over dye fabrics to make interesting effects
Modifiers such as iron, lemon or soda ash are used to vary colours .
Each piece is cool washed , ironed and trimmed. Any further washing should be in cool water with a natural soap based detergent, to keep the colour and dry naturally out of sunlight.
All colours vary and photos are an approximation.
Some dye stuff may remain on the Fabric, such as flecks but can be removed.
Most dyes are fugitive and will fade over time. Keeping out of sunlight helps keep the colour.
As they are naturally dyed the colours may vary in each piece and may not be uniform and will be mottled giving its natural look. one tie dye piece in each pack can be requested.

Each bundle weighs at least
100g ( large) size per piece approx 25 x 25cm approx 8 per pack
50g (medium) size per piece approx 15x20cm approx 6 per pack
25g (small) size for piece is 15cm x 20 cm approx 3 per pack
Sizes are minimums

I try and coordinate the colours in each bundle, no two packs will be the same. Mixed Packs will include a range of colours, but may not contain every colour.

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